Our main concern is your safety as well as the safety of your property.


All vessels must have adequate fire-fighting equipment and at least one automatic fire fighting system in the engine area.

It is forbidden to start open fire anywhere in the marina, as well as on the vessels. Always isolate gas and fuel when leaving your boat.

In case you spot a fire:

  • contact marina staff (VHF 17 for the reception, VHF 14 for the dock staff)
  • dial 112 or 193 for the fire brigade
  • retreat to the safe distance
  • If it is safe to do so, tackle the fire with available fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguishers are located all through the marina

The marina area and all passages must be without obstacles at all times.


First aid kit is available at the reception. Our staff is familiarized with first aid procedures.

For medical emergencies please call 112 or 194.


Marina is an area with the increased risks so please mind your actions.

Do not leave obstacles on piers. It is not allowed to keep any kind of property on piers or in other areas of the marina.

All areas of the marina can be wet and slippery, as well as icy during the winter. Walk carefully and wear appropriate shoes.

Do not use scooters, bikes etc. on piers.

Children and non-swimmers should wear life jackets at all times.

Pets must be kept on lead. It is not allowed to bring pets in the toilets and showers area. Please use pets parking spots in front of the facilities. Also, please clean up after your pet.

Speeding, swimming, surfing, fishing, diving and snorkelling are not permitted in the marina.

It is forbidden to make any actions that endanger human lives, cause fire, pollution or damage to vessels and marina property.

As there are machines operating in the entire marina area, please make sure to keep safe distance.

Supports for vessels in the yard are provided by the marina. It is not allowed to move or remove them.

Please respect the night time (10 pm - 06 am). Reduce noise to minimum.

Engines must be turned off, unless the boat is moving in or out from the marina.


Reduce your speed all through the Marina bay respecting many beaches and the local hatchery. Reduce your wash, in particular while passing smaller vessels, canoes and similar. Keep a lookout on divers and swimmers who swim outside the designated area.

Entering the marina keep in mind that many people are embarking or disembarking, working on the masts and are in situation where their balance is weak.

Do not underestimate the speed of other vessels and keep in mind your manoeuvring capabilities. Take actions to prevent collision on time.

During the night and other times when the visibility is poor, additionally reduce your speed, turn on your lights and increase caution.