Enviromental protection

Common goal of all our clients and employees, as well as local community is enjoying clear blue sea and the beauty of our Bay. What's in it for you? Following these rules helps us achieving our goals and keeping the prices down as well as making the environment safe and the marina clean.

Minimising our impact on environment is one of our main goals. Therefore we are actively taking environment protection measures and have frequent surveillance and third party audits.

The Adriatic is one of the cleanest seas in Europe. Let’s keep it that way!


Our goals for the environment are:

  • Meet all the relevant legislation and follow the best practices set for environment protection
  • Minimise the use of natural resources such as water, gas and electricity
  • Reuse and recycle the materials and waste

To achieve these goals we are:

  • Turning off the lights, water and heating systems when not in use
  • Minimising the water consumption by fitting hoses with triggers
  • Minimising the amounts of packaging waste and office paper consumption (double-sided printing etc.)
  • Using web and e-mail for communication rather than printed materials
  • Providing clearly labelled recycling capacities and encouraging all marina users do use them
  • Providing clearly labelled capacities for disposal of hazardous waste
  • Encouraging clients to use the materials and anti-foul with minimal impact on environment. Providing clearly labelled containers for disposal of paint cans, rollers etc.
  • Promoting sustainable approach by encouraging users to buy local food, reduce waste, using public transportation and alternative sources of energy.
  • Providing relevant environmental information on sensitive habitats/species and no anchor zones
  • Promoting our activities, as well as activities of NGO’s for environment protection via our Facebook, web page or other means of communication
  • Continuously planning, implementing and controlling new programmes and projects in environment protection


  • Avoid using plastic bags; choose reusable ones. Marina Agana provides free shopping bags for our clients.
  • Recycle
  • Reduce the amount of packaging waste
  • Use reusable containers, cups etc. instead of plastic
  • Disconnect water, electricity and gas when not in use and while off board
  • Do not let litter go overboard; chewing gums and cigarette butts in particular. Secure all items on deck including bottles and cans to prevent them blowing overboard.
  • Use bio degradable detergents and products made chlorine, bleach and phosphate free. Other products are harmful to aquatic life.
  • Use anti foul with minimum of copper and other biocides level suitable for your boat
  • Do not use on board toilet while in Marina
  • Empty the holding tanks using pump-out facilities in Marina.*
  • Use filters in the bilge area to prevent oil from getting into the sea
  • Reduce CO2 emission by servicing your engines often
  • Reduce your speed and wash
  • When anchoring check if the area is protected or infected in invasive species such as Caulerpa Taxifolia
  • Use appropriate bins to dispose the hazardous waste (anti foul cans, rollers, brushes, batteries, filters, used oil, oiled cloths, etc.)
  • Mandatory use of tools that prevent dust and scrapings to get into the environment*

Significant penalties for contravening with rules marked with *.

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