The reception of the marina is located in the western building of the marina and it is open all year round. To find out the exact opening hours please call +385 21 889 411 or contact us via e-mail During the opening hours we also monitor VHF Channel 17.

At the reception you can ask for any of the services marina offers, get daily weather reports, Croatia Traffic info, print out your Boarding Passes or order a Taxi. If you need any other kind of help, please do not hesitate to ask. In the reception area there is also a small library - book exchange.

Our friendly and professional reception staff is at your service at any time of your nautical adventures. Our goal is to make your stay in our marina as pleasant as possible and we would appreciate your opinion and ideas for improvement. Stop by and let us know!

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Marina has 134 berths, all fully serviced with water and electricity. Please note that the sea depth goes from the initial 7 m at the marina entrance (passing the green coast light) to the minimum of 1,5 m at the F pier.

Visiting boats are very welcome, however due to limited free spaces over the weekends so please contact our reception and check the availability. On arrival, please follow the instructions from our staff (VHF 17; phone +385 21 889 411).

Fully serviced to accommodate vessels up till 40 tons, our boatyard operates throughout the year. Our staff will make sure your boat is secured, so please do not move the cradles on your own.

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TRAVEL LIFT (max 40 t)

Our 40 ton travel lift operates Monday to Saturday. Please contact us to make a reservation. Emergency haul out service is available all year round, 24 hours a day. Max beam of the vessel is 6 m and max draught is 2,7 m. Cradle and chocks are available to hire from the marina.

Vessels can be lifted onto trailers and road transport as required.

For more information check our Boatyard section or contact the reception.

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Gas bottles can be left for refilling with Mata Marine Service. More information please check directly with the service.

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Euronet & Raiffeisenbank d.d. ATM is located between coffee bar and the reception.
Several other cash points are available in the town of Marina.

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All contractors are required to sign in at the marina office prior to commencing work, and sign out upon departure.

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All berth holders and visitors have complimentary Wi-Fi access (you can get the password at the reception office).

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Hairdryer and straightener are available on request at the marina Agana reception.
It is free of charge but the guests will need to leave a personal ID as a deposit.

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Laundrette is located in the east marina building next to the entrance to the women's washroom areas. Check for availability and working hours at marina reception. Please sort the laundry by colours and washing temperature. Max. weight of one load is 7 kg of laundry (washing or drying).

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Thanks to our clients we now have over 100 bestsellers in several different languages.

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LOCAL SHOPS & MARKET (200 m from the marina entrance)

There are several shops in the town that are opened 7 days a week. Local green and fish market offer fresh products every morning.

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Located at the western (road) marina entrance, our staff is on site 24/7 to welcome you to your berth, provide help and information while the reception is closed and keep an eye on the safety.

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Marina Agana offers OUTDOOR GYM to the guests.

Outdoor GYM rules:
    - This facility is not supervised. Use of the equipment is the responsibility of the user/guest.
    - Read and follow instructions labels.
    - For users over the age of 14.
    - Parents are responsible for safety and behaviour of their children.
    - Gym is free for use for marina guests and all other users.
    - Suitable workout gear must be worn during exercise.
    - Please respect the needs of other users.

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Visitors have access to an outdoor parking area. Car parking spaces are marked, while for parking the vans, trucks and trailers you should contact the marina office. The guests can buy a magnetic card for the independent entrance or exit of the parking lot. For those who don’t own a magnetic card key, the parking is to be paid at the marina reception and display on the front windscreen. Vehicles must be parked in accordance with terms & conditions displayed.

It is contravention of the orders governing this car park to park without clearly displaying a valid ticket, park causing the obstruction to traffic or firefighting equipment. The vehicles and contents are left in the car park at the owner’s own risk. 

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Please keep your pet on a lead when not on board. Pets should not be exercised within marina nor cause aggravation to other marina users. Pets should not be allowed to foul the pontoons, car parks etc.; please clean up after your pet.

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Marina Agana offers fun for the youngest marina visitors.

Playground is designed according to current European standards on the safety of playgrounds EN1176-2008. 

Adult supervision is required at all times:
- Play at your own risk,
- Glass, breakables and sharp objects prohibited,
- Recommended ages are 3-12,
- Dress appropriately (avoid loose fitting clothing),
- No pets allowed,
- Parents are responsible for safety and behaviour of their children.

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Contact our reception to order the service. The pump is mobile and it can be brought directly to your berth. Please do not pump out sewage in the sea. Keep the sea clean!

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Toilets and showers are placed in the east marina building between B and C pontoon. They are open all year round, 24/7 except the disability toilet / shower that it’s open when needed.

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Please help us keep the marina tidy and clean. Inform marina staff if you notice any spillages or you need to dispose of hazardous waste.

Large skips for disposal of general domestic waste are available in 4 locations along the northern wall of the marina.

Please contact the reception to dispose waste oil, antifouling cans, rollers etc., old batteries or used filters.

Bins for recycling (metal, plastic and paper) are available behind the western building.

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Our fork lift can accommodate lifting heavy parts and dinghies for your vessel with max weight of 2 tons.

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There is no surcharge for the use of water and electricity. Please make sure to disconnect all hosepipes and cables while you’re away.

Electricity connections: 220 V /380 V; 16 A / 32 A
Water connections: 1 1/2 ˝

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Local weather forecasts are posted in the information board daily and free copies are available at the reception. Live weather information from Marina Agana is available on our web page and screen in the reception. For more details please visit national meteorological service web page:
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